Electric window -- 1990 Lincoln Towncar

the motor runs on the driver side window but nothing happens. You have to pull it up and push it down manually. After a couple of years like this, my husband tore my door apart and now he can’t figure out how to disconnect the cable from the motor. Help guys, I believe in you!!! I need your help. This is a beautiful car that runs great, and I don’t want to say goodbye to it over a stupid window. He can fix it, he’s not mechanically challenged, he’s just stuck right now. I know if anyone can give him the help he needs, even if you laugh about it, it will be you. Please help! I am a desperate housewife!!!

See if you can find a picture of “1990 Crown Victoria Power Window Regulator”. Most Fords use a simple gear-box with replaceable plastic gears. A repair kit is available for them. The regulator is sometimes riveted in place with 3 flat head rivets, which must be drilled out. They are replaced with nuts and bolts during re-assembly. If you are desperate, you can usually use the regulator from the back door glass, which is seldom used…

Absolutely right. The window regulator uses a kind of nylon “fuse”, that is, a plastic gear that is designed to break if something (eg: a child’s head) keeps the window from moving while it’s being moved. Over time, either old age or someone applying force to the window, make this nylon gear fall apart and stop working. Caddyman is right on the money. Go to your favorite parts store and tell them you need a window motor gear for your model vehicle, and they will probably have one on the shelf (they are that common and that universal among Ford’s cars.)