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81 Ford CV Electronic Windows

This car’s windows are not working. 3 of the window motors make a running sound when the levers are pressed, but the window doesn’t move. Is this an expensive item to fix? Do you think the window is just off the track? Where is the best place to take it to be fixed?

The window motors use a plastic ‘fuse’ in the regulator that looks like a large pill. They get old and will break up. Replacements are available but the motor unit needs to be removed and partially disassembled to replace them.

Here’s a kit at with a gear and the pills.

I clicked on that link & it wasn’t a website. Perhaps some of the url was left out?

Hopefully this link will work @befuddled.

Your 1981 Crown Vic has a gear on the window regulator motor that fails and the motor spins while the window doesn’t move. I would suggest that you get a good step by step description of the job before beginning.

You should be able to get many of the window regulator parts at And get a Haynes manual from amazon, etc.