Merc Power window


Soon will try to change out pass rear power wind. motor on 1995 Merc. Grand Marque. Car has power locks. Did a few older cars (LIncon, Cad. from 1970’s). Any thing to look out for such as tricks to pull door panel, nessary tools (special) etc.?? Thanks for all Help!!


Are you sure it is the motor and not the wires to it?


A common problem is that the plastic piece on the bracket that attaches the two metal cords (that pull the window up and down) breaks. Of course, you have to buy the whole assembly then. Anyway, just remove all the screws from the door panel (one is hidden behind the door handle, can’t remember if one is in the armrest…) Once the screws are out, lift the panel up and pull towards you. It comes off easy, so if it is difficult, you probably missed a screw.


If you go to and search around a little, you will find that both of these have recently been posted. If you can’t find them quickly, register and post the questions. Someone will give you lots of details. If you plan to keep this car for a while, you will find this site useful.


Most late model Fords have the window regulator riveted to the door panel. The rivets will have to be drilled out and replaced with other rivets (they’re large ones and you’ll need the speical rivet gun) or use 1/4" panhead type screws w/nuts with Loctite.

Once the regulator/motor assembly is out there is one thing you MUST do. Before removing the motor you should drill a 1/4" hole in the regulator scissors and install a 1/4" bolt and nut BEFORE removing the motor. If you do not, the spring tension will be instantly released when the motor is removed and if a finger is in the way you could wind up losing part of it.
And remove the bolt/nut when the new motor is installed of course.


Those cars don’t use the scissors type of window regulator. But, yes, the assembly is riveted in.