Window Regulator

I have a 2006 Acura TL. I had to take it to the dealer three times for them to put in a lock actuator for the passenger side. The lock actuator was not installed properly, so I had to take it back two additional tiomes. After my last trip to the dealer for the lock actuator issue, I now notice that the window on the same side has problem going all the way up. The window goes down fine, but when I try to put it up, it only goes up about two inches and it comes right back down. The deal tells me I need a window regulator, as the old one is going bad. My question is, in lieu of the problem the deal has had puttting the lock actuator in, could they have mess something up with the window regulator, the last time they worked on it? Thnaks for your help.

They could have done something wrong, I don’t know about an Acura but some cars have a sensor in the window mechanism that prevents someone from getting fingers or other body part caught and smuushed. there could be some part interferring with the window or they bent something that caused a bind. The trouble you report does not sound like a regulator to me. Andy (however I was wrong one time before!)

If the window falls down the regulator is broken. If it is pulled down by the powered mechanism then it is something else. It could be that the window is not in the track correctly and that puts extra stress on the motor. If too much effort is needed to get the window up, the mechanism stops. That keeps your hands or head safe if they get stuck in the window.