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Power Window Troubles

Who knows how the up/down limits are regulated in the average sedan? You know, the motor doesn’t keep running when the window is fullr rolled up/down, so something must control this.

We have the problem that it won’t roll up in a very odd way. Most obvious problems have been ruled out.

It may not fix your problem but it may help, spray window channels with silicone spray useing straw from can then move windows up down a couple times

you say “it wont roll up in a very odd way” so it will, or wont roll up? don’t understand question.

does the window go all the way up?

does the window go all the way down?

does the window go up and down, but the motor does not stop running when the window hits the top or bottom?

does the window “jerk” unevenly while traveling up and down?

your description of " won’t roll up in a very odd way, and most obvious problems have been ruled out" do not do much to let others know exactly what the problem is, or what you mean by ‘ruled out.’

what model car? yr? info info info.

the window parts are formally called ‘regulators.’

depending on which model car you have depends on which type of regulator you have (and their associated regulator problems.)

Thank you for your interest in my problem. It is a 98 camry with approx 120,000 miles. The window will roll down with no problem, but will roll up only a few centimeters every 30 minutes or so. The motor does not continue to run. It does not jerk.

Use the spray silicone lubricant on the window channel and guides. Let us know the results. Then, we can do some more guessing.

It sounds like the window is binding up and the motor shuts down. It’s not smart enough to know whether your arm or head are in the way, just that the motor load is too high. Lubricate as suggested and give it a few minutes to drain into the channel inside the door. They try again. If it doesn’t work, try lubing again and spray the lubricant into the space in the side channels directy above the window. If it doesn’t work, the regulators probably need to be replaced.

do try the lubricant in the window tracks.

as another check, with someone else working the up button, have the door open, and use two hands, pressing on the inside and outside of the glass simultaneously. give the glass a little ‘help’ going up.

see if you feel any binding or tugging as the window goes up.

with those kind of miles i really think it is just time for a new window regulator.

i don’t know which type your car uses, it is either a plastic assembly, or a wire assembly.

they do wear out and need replacing.

If the window jams while going up it will cause the motor to draw a lot of current. Most window systems at least, use a circuit breaker to prevent the wiring from overheating when that happens and it will trip out due to the extra heat caused by the excessive current. Once the circuit breaker cools down it resets itself and power is restored to the system and you can use it again. If the trouble is just with one of the windows then the trouble is most likely with it, as others have stated already. If all the windows are having the same trouble then the circuit breaker would be suspect.