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Driver side power window not working

Had an estimate at the dealer for $400.00 for a new power window motor.Had a 2nd estimate at an independent shop for $569.00,they told it would need a regulator also. Called the dealer back to see if it also would need a regulator and they said no.Any advice on this repair?

Thanks, Jack

Has anyone actually tested the thing to find out if the window motor is the problem? There are plenty of things that can go wrong. I recently had my pass side stop working. I cleaned and relubed the regulator and tracks, cleaned and tightened all of the electrical connections and now everything works perfectly.

If anyone has actually tested stuff to verify a bad motor, I would be asking the dealer if they plan to at least “recondition” the regulator - as in clean and relube it. If that is in their $400 estimate I’d actually do that or maybe just ask the independent shop for a price with the same service (as opposed to a completely new regulator).

Yes the Dealer tested and diagnosed and same for the independent

Replacement of both may be perfectly reasonable but its hard to say without inspecting. If the regulator is messed up (even if just sticking) this could be what killed the motor via too much stress (too much power draw to make it work). It may be that it only needs to be cleaned and relubed - but it also may be that the labor involved to do this would be more than a replacement.

Personally, I’d press the independent shop for exactly what about the regulator is broken or defective (or whatever). And I’d ask the dealer what they plan to do, if anything, with the regulator.

What year is this car? How many miles? Have you kept everything top notch? How long do you plan to keep it? The answers to those questions would go a long way to saying whether a new regulator is worth the $$.

Car is a 2001 integra 2dr coupe w 146000 miles, car is in top notch condition.I plan on keeping it 2yrs or until it reachs 200k.It has only had dealer services, even for oil changes. I have owned the car 6yrs,driven it 106k.
Thanks, Jack