Window regulator cable woes

Recently, the cable on my rear drivers side window regulator snapped. I have tried and tried to search for a replacement or a repair kit but I’m having no luck. I know these parts exist because I see them around for other makes and models, just not for mine (2010 Jeep Liberty Sport 3.7L). Does anyone know where I might be able to get a replacement cable? Thanks in advance.

Have you tried here?,2010,liberty,3.7l+v6,1445139,interior,window+regulator+&+motor+assembly,15596


I have, actually. This might be the rout I end up taking. However, I was hoping to just find the cable itself as I know how to install it in the existing regulator assembly. Thank you for the reply!

I never had much luck with replacing the plastic’ bathtub stopper chains’ in regulators and long ago gave up. Save the grief and replace the entire regulator.

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It’s more like a braided cable in this case. I’ll probably just drop the eighty-ish bucks to get the whole regulator assembly. The last thing I’m mulling over is going to a U Wrench It or junk yard to see if they have my make/model and just yank the cable out of the regulator assembly. The general consensus, however, is that I just need to buy the whole kit and caboodle as you mentioned.

Buy the whole regulator assembly. Those prices aren’t that bad, and the motors won’t last forever.

The cable anchor points in the glass lift plate are usually plastic and break. When the cable comes loose it gets bound up in the motor and damages the spool.

Replace the regulator assembly.

sounds like a whole lot of effort to avoid replacing a 10 year old motor. But whatever floats your boat.