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Repair Advice Needed on a Jeep Liberty w/ Sky Slider

My 2008 Jeep Liberty w/ Sky Slider partially opened while driving down the highway. I have taken it in to my local Jeep dealership, and they said that the cables that allow the sky slider to open and close have broke due to normal wear and tear. They said that the only way to fix this is to buy a new Sky Slider frame, which costs $3200. Is this really the only option to fix the issue?

I will take any advice I can get! Thanks in advance for the help!

I would take the Liberty to a good body shop and have them look at it. It may need to be removed and the cables reattached or replaced. Good luck…this seems to be a common problem with the Jeep Liberty.

Took like 10 seconds googling to find a number of mopar parts places that carry the replacement cables. The dealership is probably giving you the FU quote because they don’t want to mess with fixing it. I like missleman’s suggestion of finding a decent body shop and have them quote it. If it is a common problem, they probably have done it before…

Thanks to both of you! I will definitely look into a good body shop in the area.

One of the dealers I worked at sent their sunroof repairs to an automotive trim shop before I started working there. Most of my coworkers couldn’t repair a sunroof, they could only mess it up. The trim shop they used specialized in convertible top and sunroof repairs. Body men aren’t interested in this type of work.

The problem with sunroofs since the mid ninety’s is you can only get the cables and other basic parts. The failure is usually due to a broken drive link at the end of the cable. The cable is then loose and bound up inside the motor, it may appear to need only a cable but when disassembled you’ll find that you may need parts that are not available. I have repaired many Chrysler M body and LH sunroofs but starting with the Neon they only supplied cables or assemblies.

The sky slider frame is $1600 but a specialty shop may be able to repair yours.

To get an “exploded view” assembly drawing, a real asset when looking at this type of repair, try stopping by the Jeep dealer’s parts depathment and asking them to print one. They’re usually happy to. As matter of fact, they may just print you up a parts list for the assembly parts.