2000 Ford Taurus, driver's window doesn't work

I asked this same question about a '95 Taurus and got the right answer from 87 Ranger. As he said, it was the module inside the door that controls the automatic down feature that caused the '95’s window to not work. I tacked this question about a 2000 Taurus to my thanks to 87 Ranger, but got no answers. So I’m trying again. Sorry if you saw it before.

Does anyone know if the later model Taurus uses a similar “auto down” module inside the door?

The window motor checked good when I “hot wired” it with a jumper box. I changed the relay in the fuse panel although I could hear it clicking, and exchaned the switch with one that worked on another Taurus. Nothing helped.

Yesterday I spoke to the customer whom I sent away without a fix. He still has not gotten it fixed. If I find that there is a module in the door like the '95, then I suspect that may be his problem too, and I can make him happy with me again.

Like i mentioned in your other thread the windows on a 2,000 Taurus are probably controlled by a “generic electronic control module”/GEM

Sometimes a good dope slap (disconnect the battery for a couple of minutes) will bring a bad GEM back to life.

Disconnecting the battery for a couple of minutes should’nt-hopefully-cause you any grief from the “remote anti-theft personality/RAP module”.

Gotta love all this electroic garbage on the newer cars.

FWIW, helminc.com has the 2,000 Taurus electrical trouble shooting manual for 53 bucks.

If it has a GEM the fuse list in the owners manual will show some fuses that are wired to it.

My first guess was the switch or motor, but if you exhausted those two, check the window itself. See if the window can be moved manually toward the front or rear of the car. Try nudging the window manually (grip the top of the window and push forward and back) while someone sits behind the wheel and tries the power window switch to raise or lower the window. I bet the window is just not stable in its track, and the motor can’t overcome the friction.

Yeah darn it. I think they went to the GEM in '96 when they made the major body change. The advent of OBDII may have had something to do with it. I actually have a factory manual for a '97 because I had a '97 SHO several years ago, not that the '97 is exactly like the '00.

I may have to let someone else make some money off of this one.

The window went up and down perfectly when I hot wired its motor. I blew out the window channels with compressed air while it was down and lubed them with spray silicone for good measure. That usually works, but unfortunatley it’s not the problem this time.

Here is a site that has the wiring diagram for your driver side window. Hope this helps in solving your problem:


I see a one touch window relay in that wiring diagram. Does anyone know where that relay is located?

Here you go.

the GEM module is lowcated right behind the fuse panel under the dash on driver side.

behind the fuse panel on driverside under dash. its cliped right on it