Power windows

I have a '98 Ford Taurus SE and both front windows stopped working simultaneously w/o warning. Any suggestions on what the problem could be? thanks

So, does this mean that you have two 98 Taurus’s with slightly different window failures? Or is one of your posts incorrect? If so, which are the real symptoms?

I rolled down both windows. One wouldn’t come back up at all. The next day the passenger window did the same.

The window regulator/motor assemblies have probably failed, but check the window power fuse just in case.

It’s also possible that you have chafed wires in the wiring harnesses where they go through the feed holes from the chassis to the doors.

You’ll need to remove the inner door panels and check for 12VDC at the motors. If you have none, suspect the wiring harnesses. If you have the voltage, the motors are shot. You may need to change the entire regulator assembly, as many are not designed to be disassembled.

A Haynes manual will be a big help, along with the proper tools to remove the panel. The Haynes manual will tell you what those are.