Driver side window is fouled up

Car is 87 Accord, 190 grand.

Driver side window (power) will go up and down fine. It isn’t stuck in the up or down position (thankfully). But it seems to be crooked in the door housing so in the full up position there is a gap left in the top left corner (looking from inside of the car) and it makes this nice annoying windy sound starting at around 40mph.

I’ve been considering replacing this car anyway and was wondering if it was a real expensive proposition to correct a situation like this ?

I just want to know what i’m getting myself into here, because it has to be fixed if I am going to keep the car. Thanks.

The interior door panel will have to be removed to adjust the window glass. It might not be too expensive if you do it yourself, but it could be labor-intensive and therefore cost a bit if you pay a mechanic to do it.

A Haynes service manual may be very helpful if you are going to attempt this.