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Window Leak 2007 Liberty

New 2007 Jeep LIberty - 3 weeks old…after running though touchless carwash noticed a trickle of water down the inside of right rear window…had checked windows for closure prior to entering wash… Anyone with similar problem??, I am going to run through wash again to see if it does it again before going to the dealer… Thanks…

Take it to the dealer and have THEM hose the window down HARD. Stand there as they do it.

If you can run a hose over the top of vehicle down over the window and no leaks don’t worry. Its rare that you’ll ever encounter water under pressure from the side in natural conditions except maybe a hurricane(CAT 5 at that but you’ll likely have more worries then).

Thanks, I’m going to see the dealer tomorrow !!

That’s a new vehicle and it should not leak. Period.

check chat rooms for Jeep Liberty window problems. Apparently there are problems with the gear (cheap and plastic and between $200 - $500 to repair) I’m not sure about just 3 weeks old - warranty should fix it but there are a lot of posting out there for rear windows not rolling back up or coming down a little for no reason. Not a recall but a common problem.

I have a 2007 Jeep Liberty - After my first car wash I had the same issue, took it to the dealer…I don’t believe they did anything except run through their washing, Anyway, it has not happened again in three years … Good Luck !!