Mystery Water Leak


Hello! I could really use some help with my new found water problem.

I own a 2003 Camry XLE V6. Two weeks ago I had the windshield replaced due to a crack from a stone. Two days later I noticed the back passenger floor wet. Thinking it was a my toddler’s sippy cup I soaked it up and went on. I began to notice a horrible smell and went through the car again to find significant water again in the back passenger seat floor. This time I was able to empty it off the floor mat. The front passenger floor is damp but not soaked. Called mechanic, not a coolant leak. Called window guy he came out, said it wasn’t a window leak but because of the close proximity and after pulling up the carpet he could tell it wasn’t old water (i.e. no mold or stains) he would replace window. Said that would fix it but he was confused because water seemed to be coming up from under the carpet. (Note my car sits on an incline when at my house). Told me to wait 3 days and run it through a car wash. My husband told me to not run it through the car wash but only put water over the new window (he is advising me from overseas). I did that and again the back passenger floor is getting wet. I ran the hose for 10 minutes over the windshield. So…What is going on??? I need to call the window guy back tomorrow but I think he is going to tell me it isn’t the window but what else could it be since a) nothing else has changed and b) it only leaks when I run it over the window??? Any suggestions would be so appreciated!


Have him come out and observe the hose test personally. I don’t think he will say it is not his problem.


It is the window, needs to be re sealed.


Even though he put a new window in last week and resealed it? I have an appointment at the shop tomorrow so what should I ask for? A third new window or what?


Thank you. That is what I am thinking but was wondering if it could be getting into the car from some other crazy way besides the window? Are there other plausible explanations that they will throw at me?


Hello. I just had the exact same problem and by brother in law found the problem. On the front passenger floor, to the front on the left inside side, there is a rubber hose that carries condensation from the AC. It is just sitting in a hole in the floor and is not secured very well so it can pop out kind of easy and thereby cause just your passenger side to get wet. You will need to take off the paneling on the bottom right passenger side so you can pull up the carpet (not the mat)but the carpet to get to the hose on the left side. If the hose in out of the hole in the floor, you found the problem. There are also two round caps under the passenger seat, under the car that you can remove temporarily to drain some of the excess water. Hope this helps.


Do you have a power operated sun roof?


Good test. Put some soapy water in a squirt bottle. Turn the blower fan on high speed with doors and windows closed. Squirt water on all seams and watch for a great bubbling of soapy water. You might find a leak and get a good laugh too.