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Jeep Liberty Automatic Window Problems

I have a 2004 Jeep Liberty with automatic windows and the left rear window won’t roll up. I can push it up but it keeps slipping down. As I have a 7 hour drive up to the U.P. of Michigan I’d like my window to stay up and not spend a fortune to get it there! From the chats I’ve read it seems to be a common problem with no recall in sight. HELP!

Whatever the trouble is it appears the door panel will have to be opened up and the window system repaired. To get by until you can get that repair done you might be able to apply duct tape on the inside, verticle sides, of the window and door frame to hold the window in place.

Yeah, this is a physical/mechanical issue and not an electrical one. You might be able to install some type of plastic wedges and insert them to jam it in the up position if the duct tape route appears too untidy for you (but it’s a perfectly viable technique). Road shock/vibration probably distorts the window frame enough to allow it to slip down.

I have a Jeep Liberty as well, had the /exact/ same problem. I took it into a Jeep dealer and they fixed it for $100, though I think that was the warranty co-pay or some such, so being a 2004 you may get a different deal. This certainly seems to be a structural problem with the Libertys, the driver side window is starting to show its age too, I hope it doesn’t break as well.