Window in '00 Buick LeSabre

My grandmother found her driver-side front window broken on her 2000 Buick LeSabre. There was not obvious reason for it to have broken, so it could have been because of some part of the window assembly. In any event, when the glass guy came, he told her the pane didn’t fit right. After trying glass from various manufacturers, no pane fits.

According to him, the lower part of the track, the part in the door, is fine. It isn’t bent, or anything of the sort.

Nonetheless, there is a good quarter inch of space between the outside surface of the glass and the weatherstripping on the outside of the door, and the window catches as the top of the curve in the glass meets the bottom of the curve in the track. It catches both when tried by hand and by attempting to use the motor. The motor is incapable of lifting the window all the way.

In addition to being annoying not to be able to use the window, I’ve got to think that because the rain can get in the door fairly easily, there are several further problems this could create.

Please help!

Instead Of A “Glass Guy” I Think You Need To Have A Professional Auto Body Shop Person.

Are you sure this car wasn’t the victim of a break-in or vandalism? Anyhow, body shop guys usually know what they’re looking at, what’s wrong, and how to fix it. They see this stuff all the time. They know about window channels, glass, lift channels, regulators, etcetera. Give them a try.

P.S. It would probably behoove you to go to a Buick dealer’s shop for their ease of getting parts or knowing the car or at least go to a place that does Buicks.


I’m not sure whether it was a break-in or something else. It’s sort of a remote area, no one else was broken into, and nothing was missing, so it is unlikely, but certainly not impossible. I’m just hoping to have some ammunition when going into the shop because there are no mechanics in the Mechanic’s Files for 100 miles around my grandmother’s house.