Passenger Front Power Window



I have a 2000 Chevy Venture that has power windows. My passenger side window won’t operate correctly- it comes out of the track. I’ve had it looked at by a reputable body shop and they told me the passenger side rear view mirror on the door was probably “walked into” in a parking lot bending the mirror forward. Being bent that way, and it’s proximity to the window track caused the track itself to become bent. They have “re-bent” it back to position, but being bent once, it re-bends after use which causes the window to fall out of it’s track. The auto body shop says the only way to replace the track is to get a new door, as they don’t part out just the track. Does this sound correct to anybody, or does anybody know how to get just the track? The door is pretty expensive. Can a car window specialist do this repair? The van is in really great shape otherwise. Thanks.


The door is NOT replaced, only the window regulator and sometimes motor.

Rivets have to be drilled out and the new unit bolted or re-riveted.

I had my longtime independent tech replace one in a 2000 Silhouette.


I’d get a second opinion from another body shop.