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04 Pontiac Grand Am Drivers Window Issues

Wont lie not really a window nor door guy…

Girlfriend rolled down her driver’s side window and now it will not roll back up. Can hear the motor turn but it just rattles the glass. Can hear the glass is loose and shakes more than what it should when ya open and shut the door.

Heard that some sort of bracket is famous for breaking on Grand Am vehicles. Going to possibly look into it tomorrow but any ideas though?

Pull the inner door panel and you’ll probably discover a broken bellcrank (lever) in the regulator assembly. Unfortunately you’ll probably have to buy a whole new regulator assembly.

Of course I could be wrong. You’ll know when you remove the inner panel.

You might want to request from the dealer’s parts window an exploded view drawing of the inner door panel installation. I’ve found it helps greatly to know where all the clips and widgets are located. Little nylon pry bars for working in interiors are great too. I use mine all the time for all sorts of things. They’re cheap and available at any parts store, or a tool store of you have one near you.

Was able to find a video showing the removal of the regulator (A1 Auto).

Good point on the nylon pry bar. Tend to just go old school when it comes to my personal vehicles, but if it means I can by another made right here in Iowa Lisle product its all worth it:D

Will post back here tomorrow with some pics if I get to lost on it. All in all don’t look as bad as the other doors I’ve seen.

Just a tip: If I find a broken lever in a mechanism I usually grab some aluminum strapping and fabricate a replacement. It’s easy to do, and I always suspect that the plastic replacement part would probably break anyway. Besides, I HATE having to buy and entire assembly because one part broke.