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Will Stop Leak help my 2014 Lincoln Navigator?

I am having freon leaking problems with my 2014 resulting in a hot car… I bought some Red Angel Stop Leak and ask my mechanic to put it into the system and then put the freon in. Is anyone familiar with this situation and, if so, did it stop the leak and hold the freon in?

Looks like its a band-aid product. You might even cause more damage to the a/c if this product does not work. Have a proper repair done to the a/c.

I agree with COROLLAGUY1. This car is too new to resort to last-ditch solutions. You should repair it properly.

Stop leaks products are a last ditch stop gap method. Sometimes they help; sometimes they don’t.

The car is a bit young for a compressor leak but it can happen. The usual suspect is a compressor shaft seal. The service valve ports should be checked for leaks. A stop leak product wiil not stop a leak at the ports although it’s possible they could help a compressor shaft seal leak.

I added refrigerant with a stop-leak to my 97 Accord two years ago and the AC still works.

I did the same thing to a friends vehicle from Texas five years ago, and they tell me it’s still working.