Air Conditioner

Hello, I have a 1996 Mercedes C220 and I’ve been told that I need the leaking evaporator replaced on my car in order to get the AC working/cooling again, which the repair estimate turns out to be a down payment on a new car. Since the AC is already not working, can the ‘stop leak’ type products be used to see if they will work AND does using this product affect the heating system in any way? I don’t want to mess up another ‘system’ a be left hanging in the winter without heat!

“Stop Leak” tire products if introduced into the AC system will completely destroy the entire AC system. It would not harm the heating system. That’s entirely seperate mechanically.

i think herman is referring to A/C stopleak and not coolant stopleak. because many companies are selling these A/C sealants, they must work on some small leaks. the disadvantage is they leave all that sealant in the system that could gel up other components developing a leak. and mechanics do not like them for they can gum up the A/C equipment. if you do this, please tell any mechanic working on the airconditioning it has sealant.

Some “stop leaks” for the A/C system are basically seal conditioners that will help things like o-rings and stuff seal up better and reduce leaks. This will not help a leaking evaporator unless the leaks are at the seals - and then it only might help some.

There are other stop leaks that are more aggressive and those have been associated with producing “black death” - as it is called. This will just cost even more money. You can do an internet search on AC system black death & find info.

Whatever you do to the AC, it won’t affect your heat.

You’re right of course. I don’t know how that “tire” category snuck into my brain.

Your point is well made about sealant’s potential for gumming up the system. Between the evaporator core, the condensor core, the expansion valve (or orafice tube), and the receiver/dryer, there’s certainly plenty of places where an orafice-plugger and surface-coater can have an adverse effect.