Car Aircondition leakage fix - Freon stop leak

Is car freo “Product worth using”? In my car I top up the freon every 6 month which is bit expensive for me. Can I fix it using Freon Stop leak? if yes, which is a good product?

Fix it or keep topping off, truthfully I don’t know the technique used by refridgerant stop leak products but you do want to think of the future and keep you AC system free of products it is not designed for. In reality this big of a leak should be easy to find with an electronic leak detector, or is finding the leak not the problem?

A/C is a sealed system ( same as your refrigerator ) and when all is right, never needs “topped off”. ( my 79 has never needed freon )

A leak needs fixed.

Any stopleak product will clog the orifice tube, a mini passageway key to working A/C.

My 92 Explorer lost freon only in the winter two years in a row. It just needed a few little green o-rings and still works perfectly 16 years later.

Just say ‘no’ to the stopleak. These products only work for certain kinds of leaks, only work for a while, and really can gum up a refrigeration system.

I had mine fixed when I had to top it off every week :slight_smile:

Thanks Old school, Ken Green and Oblivion. I learnt from you folks that car A/C system should be repaired and fixed and should not use “Stop Leak” which might permanently “Stop my Car A/c” Thanks Guys.

If the vehicle is a junker and you live some place where A/C is optional, by all means try the stop leak. It probably won’t work and it may well make things worse. But if you aren’t going to pay to get the A/C fixed, what have you got to lose? Otherwise, I wouldn’t go near the stuff unless – and this is very unlikely – your A/C repair guy recommends it.

For anyone contemplating using any “stop leak” product I would ask; if you cut your finger would you drink liquid bandage to stop the bleeding?

As mentioned there is a very limited set of circumstances where these products should be considered.

A/C is a sealed system ( same as your refrigerator ) and when all is right, never needs “topped off”.

Well worth repeating. You don’t USE refrigerant, you leak it. Fix the leak and you will only need to do it once.

Liquid bandage? Oh, you mean Rum? No, wait, that just stops the pain, not the leak :slight_smile: