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Red Angel A/C Stop Leak & Conditioner, any thoughts?

I dropped off my car to have the AC looked at and the mechanic suggested that if there are no large obvious leaks that I add this product to the system. I am waffling as I am a broke student and he is charging $89 if I decide to add it to the recharge process. I looked it up and I could get it on Amazon for 35 before tax and I assume the labor is not anything too much more since he’ll already be working on the AC. Any thoughts? Has anyone used this product? Thanks in advance for any help.

Sorry, I should add that that would be $89 on top of the recharge price and the AC makes no noises, but does not produce very cold air, only mildly cooler air than outside. I didn’t know how to edit my initial post.

Avoid the $89 product. Will the system perform correctly if correctly charged? Spend the $89.00 to find and fix leaks. How long do you get between recharges? I would like to hear 3 years.

Thanks for replying oldschool. Turns out he misquoted me and it was actually $39, which was in line with the prices I found. Actually, before I moved to the midwest from California, I had never recharged the AC. I opted to toss in the stuff after he corrected the price and it seems that the recharge was sufficient to get everything back in order. Now if there was only a cheaper fix to the starter replacement I needed as well…

My repair shop recently added the Red Angel A/C Stop Leak & Conditioner to my 95 Saab’s system after several hundred dollars worth of repairs failed to stop all of the leaks. It worked for about 2 weeks and now we’re back to blowing warm air again. Does anyone know what you do when the Red Angel fails?

I have used the Red Angel product on over 10 vehicles, all of which were successful and have not seen any of them since.