Will adding Acetone increast my MPG?

I was researching on how to improve my car MPG, i come across a video on youtube saying that adding Acetone increase 15%+ MPG, then i start to google it to see if anyone else have try it, and a lot of them saying that it work and only like 2 or 3 web-page saying that it didn’t work. i was wondering have anyone else ever try it and did they see any improvement in MPG. ALSO will it damage your car component. PLEASE AND THANK YOU

Nope. If it did, oil cos. could easily add it. It’s a very active solvent, and could react badly with the plastic and rubber parts of your fuel system. Think of it this way - acetone is oxygenated, with lower energy content per gallon than gasoline. If anything, it will hurt mpgs, just like ethanol.

Perhaps a wrong assumption, but unless the automobile manufacturer stated that your car was suitable to run on a mixture of acetone and gasoline, why would you take the chance ?
Got a death wish or money to burn and/or negate any warranty including pollution control devices you might have left after burning a tank ? I’m sure the EPA would be interested to see what comes out your tail pipe. I’d be interested to know if ANY of these articles that promote adding whatever to gasoline, included any longevity testing, pollution testing. Maybe, a 15% improvement in mileage as they “claim”(which i doubt) for the first tankful and engine or converter replacement before the second.

The research I have seen has said that adding acetone to gasoline does indeed increase MPG

  • BUT -

Acetone is pretty expensive and the net effect is that it costs MORE to run your vehicle.

Plus, many plastics and rubber parts are attacked by acetone.

So unless you like spending more money and replacing parts when they fail, I’d advise staying away from acetone as a fuel.

With acetone selling at over $20 a gallon why would you want to?

I’m aware of no research from reliable sources that show improved mpgs. Here’s a good discussion of it (long, though) http://www.fuelsaving.info/acetone.htm

Yes it will. However adding gasoline will do the same thing. Acetone burns somewhat like gas so you get more mileage per gallon of gasoline, but when you add in the acetone in, likely you will be back were you started, with the possibility of damage to your car.

Is the acetone free ?
I thought not.
So you’re still paying out for a combustable fluid. Your mpg will have to be calculated with all the expense -vs- all the quantity of fluids burned -vs- miles driven.

What the acetone WILL do is dissolve all the plastic parts in your fuel system, including the pump and gas gauge sender…