Acetone in Gasoline

Will adding acetone to gasoline extend the mpg of a car, and will it damage anything in the engine or other parts?

No, It will not help at all. This has been discussed in length in other posts. Please try the search function on the top of the page. Since this is your first post I will give you a link to one of the past posts:

It will not help the MPG and it would only damage the engine if you put a lot in. Don’t do it.

The small amount that is suggested will do no harm to anything. Acetone is very cheap, so feel free to try some and see for yourself. Thousands of other drivers have already tested this idea and not one person has reported any improvement in mpg. Consider it a worthless suggestion.

The only ones I’ve seen who report an improvement in mpg are the guys selling the acetone.

My buddy put some in his truck, but he used too much and ruined a fuel pump and some of the hoses. I wouldn’t use it on my vehicles. Doesn’t really help with anything.

Thanks guys! I am a neophyte on this website, so I appreciate your tolerance with a previously asked question that I did not know how to search out. I knew I could count on youall to give me the straight scoop!! I am not going to even think a minute further about putting any in my gas tank. Just my nails!! :slight_smile: