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A mixture of acetone and gasoline

I have heard recent rumors of adding little acetone to your gas helps to increase your vehicles mpg. Is this a fact or fiction?

With rising gas prices, everything you can think of will be tried. Acetone is not good for your car, and is probably much more expensive per gallon. Don’t wase your money, drive sensibly, and walk a little more. That way you actually WILL save on gas.

Many people have tested this idea, including professional consumers groups. Everyone, no exceptions, concludes the addition of acetone is worthless. It does absolutely nothing.

I don’t think so, either. But stay curious! One day some of these crazy ideas might pan out. Just the other day I read about yet another water-for-gas scheme that appears to work. But it is not ready for prime time yet; it is still a laboratory curiosity. In this case, an aluminum-bearing material is a getter for the oxygen, providing hydrogen to burn. The getter pellets need to be replaced periodically, however. Another hare-brained scheme? At this point, yes. But it may have a future.

Story on the national news today who had the answer. He replaced the engine in his Hummer so it could run on Bio-Diesel. Cost $35,000 dollars. Why was he given media attention. (besides the obvious lack of judjement in the media)

There has been some evidence that the acetone may provide for some cleaning.  However very few cars are in need an any cleaning of the fuel system other than that provided by modern fuels.  The feds specify minimal additive packages for fuel and frankly they have it right.  Don't bother.

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If you dont use acetone pull up SUNOCO website search acetone and xylene being used in fuel now. Still not convience read article…SUNOCO is major fuel company used in race cars and local in some areas. If you dont think it works some people are using it without knowing it and it works!!!

Rumor, yes. Recent, no.

“…some people are using it without knowing it and it works!”

How do they know?

I really cannot believe that xylene is used in gasoline products, not only is it a HAZMAT waiting to happen, it’s highly carcenogenic. The EPA wouldn’t stand for it.

Yes, acetone “works” as a fuel. I once poured a little down my lawnmower engine’s carb to prime it and it cranked right up.
Does it work better than gasoline? I don’t know, probably not. You would certainly get less gas mileage because a significant percentage of an acetone molecule is oxygen.