Can Pure Acetone Increase Gas Milage


My showed me a video on line that claimed that adding 2 oz. of pure acetone to 10 gal. of gas would increase your MPG by 50%. This sounds too good to be true. Has anyone ever heard of this before? Has anyone ever tried it before? Does it work? What are the side effects? Thanks in advance for your input. Robert



You could do the same with 2 oz of gasoline.  

The one remote possible improvement would be a situation where you had some sort of build up in the fuel system that had not been cleaned out with the cleaners found in all commercial gasoline today. 

Do you think that if it were true (and that story has been around as long as I have been driving (about 45 years) that maybe just maybe the government and automobile industry might have noticed it?


When this was discussed before there was some speculation acetone might eat some seals or hoses too. That’s always fun to deal with!


Here we go again! I knew this would be back, sooner or later. If it worked, all gasoline would have the “correct” percentage of acetone in it. But it doesn’t, does it? Search the internet for the effect of acetone on fuel system components, then see if you want to add acetone to your gas tank.

There’s one guy, up in Canada, who just won’t let this rest. He’s absolutely convinced, and he’s trying to convince everyone else, that adding acetone to gasoline is a MIRACLE mileage booster. Let’s see, we have Ford, GM, Chrysler, Toyota, Honda, etc, etc, etc. If Acetone worked as a mileage booster, don’t you think one, just one, of the world’s carmakers would have figured it out by now?

If it worked, it wouldn’t be an internet secret.


Alternative answer:

Yes, it does! But I have a MIRACLE pill that, if dropped into your gas tank, will “ionize” the gasoline in the tank, allowing for more complete combustion in the cylinders, and increasing fuel mileage by at least 30%. GUARANTEED!


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Naptha is nice but I think it costs more for a gallon than gasoline does. It is supposed to increase octane, I read it a long time ago. Who knows or really cares? Nitromethane is also interesting because it doesn’t need a whole lot of air to burn. You can really stuff it into an engine for more power. A AAFD will use 13 gallons in a quarter mile.


I’m really surprised that it’s been so long since this subject was brought up again. As mentioned, of course it’s all BS and the ones who believe in it are truly delusional.

Louis LaPointe is the one who keeps this thing going and all based on his use of a Scan Gauge which can give an “Instant MPG reading”.
My Lincoln Mark has the on-board equivalent of one of these and if I really, really, really wanted to play MPG games that gauge will run my fuel mileage readings far higher than is ever possible.

If I shift the trans into neutral at 70 MPH and coast with the Instant MPG feature on it will work upwards and show that I’m getting 99 MPG; which is as high as the thing will read.
I can coast with the transmission in gear and easily get 65-75 MPG - by the gauge. I only wish.
Just think of what those faux readings are doing to the computerized fuel mileage readings.

The part that stumps me is how to coast all of the time. :wink:


If you add the turbonator whirlwind thingy, you will see 25% MORE improvement. And, MY invention, a muffler add-on, will help increase mileage 75% more, studies have shown. With the pills and magnets, you’ll actually MAKE your own fuel.
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Let’s see…with the 50% increase, the 30% increase, the 10% increase, and my flux fuel polarizing demagnetizer which will give you a guaranteed 22.2 increase, your tank will be overflowing!


Yep, my car has produced so much surplus gasoline that I’m threatening to knock Exxon-Mobil-whoever-else out of the #1 spot! I have to have a fleet of tanker trucks following me around to suck the gas out of my car’s tank before it spills all over the place! It’s amazing how stupid people are in falling for this crap. If It Sounds Too Good To Be True, It Is.