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Why the Quaker state synthetic oil has a new color container?

On Line dont help , the new durability fully synthetic 10w30 brown or gold in color a 5 qt container in Walmart ,why the color change from the color green, is it the same oil or chemically changed

This is not even worth worrying about .


My guess would be that marketing decided to make it more obvious which oil was synthetic and which was not. I think the dino-juice oil still comes in the green bottles.


here is the new gold bottle

Why post the picture twice? Once was plenty.

I hope your right about the oil not being modified?

Have you checked their web site?

And it’ll still meet specs, why are you worried?

Why? If it was modified, why would that be an issue?

the only reason was to show another member that it is the new container in color. thanks for your concern

yes on the site they still use the older Green Bottle , I even sent them a message directly to the company , They said they would get back to me .

All of us can see all of the posts

It would be an issue because sometimes things aren’t always modified for the good part , they usually take away . . My wife swears that her dishwasher liquid is not the same or as good as the older type that is now modified.

Thanks for the heads up ,I wasnt aware of that .

Don’t hold your breath . I seriously doubt if they think this is worth a reply . This is oil , not much chance of anything changed for the worst.

I wouldn’t hold my breath. More importantly, why do you care about this?

it’s synthetic. by definition it is chemically modified.

If you don’t like the color of the bottle, pick something different. This is a complete non-issue.


Straub beer was in brown bottles supplied by Brockway glass until Brockway ran into a problem and could only supply green for a while, Straub wanted to keep production going so they took green bottles. There was a hue and cry about the change, folks claiming the taste was different even though the same beer was in both. Straub supplies both green and brown now.

Many years ago the picture of the camel on Camel cigarettes packs changed size, users claimed the cigarettes changed taste even though the tobacco did not change (BTW I miss cigroller, always had great commentary)

Consumers can be swayed on subtle or not so subtle changes in packaging. I look for the specs, ingredients etc to see what is inside.

It’s marketing. Castrol changed their color a few years ago. Obviously it worked.

Well, for that matter, some people will only eat yellow American Cheese, because they think that white American Cheese tastes different. The only difference is the absence of annatto coloring, and in the small quantities that are used to color the yellow cheese, it has no flavor.

Which is where this question should have been directed in the first place.