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Boxed oil?

I was walking around walmart yesterday and I noticed that the SuperTech synthetic oil is now available in a 3 gallon box. It is not a carton of bottles, it is a plastic lined box, sort of like cheap wine. That has got to be messy to work with.

image only 6 qts

Agreed. The only way to make it tolerable would be to pour the oil from that 3gallon box into yet another dispenser, like this

I’ll gladly pay more money to continue buying engine oil in 1quart containers. I buy Mobil 1 when it’s on sale at Costco. It’s always 6 1qt containers per box. Much easier to pour



You can add that to the already long list of reasons I’ll never set foot in a Walmart.


I’m with you on that . . . and I won’t list the reasons. Won’t change anything, anyways

But let’s get back to cars . . .

The Walmart parking lots . . . at least those near me . . . are quite hard to navigate. The “aisles” are very narrow, compared to Costco. I mention Costco, because I consider the two to be competitors, even if their business models aren’t identical


Walmart has their Costco equivalent called Sam’s Club.

Sam’s Club also doesn’t get my business . . .

70 % less plastic sounds like a good thing to me . We try to recycle as much as we can but used oil containers are a problem that usually ends up the regular trash . How difficult can it be to pour anyway ?


I agree with @VOLVO_V70. Plastic bottles are wasteful, especially the 1 quart size. I mostly buy a 5 quart jug, then keep the empty for my next oil change, but even then, I have more than I need of those since the jug gets emptied and returned at our recycle location.

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I go there occasionally, for very reasonable prices on some items, and–of course–that gives me the opportunity to gaze upon some choice specimens of that breed known as Walmartians.



The quality of the food and clothing merchandise that Costco sells is light-years beyond the stuff that they sell at Wallyworld.

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I wouldn’t know, because I don’t shop at Walmart

but I’ll take your word for it

When I needed a T-shirt for my dog to wear after surgery, I bought it at Wallyworld.
I also buy Pennzoil for my friend’s Rav at that emporium.
For everything else that I normally buy, I prefer Costco, LL Bean, Nordstrom’s, my local supermarket, and Whole Foods.

The “mutant quotient” is essentially non-existent if you avoid Wal-Mart.

I don’t buy enough of anything to pay a membership fee for the privilege. Also we don’t have Costco in our area.
My current big screen TV was bought at Sams Club and I had to buy a membership to get it. Because I was a member of the teachers Union I got a $20 gift card for Sams Club and I walked around te storebecause it is 15 miles away in a congested area I don’t have any reason to go to and I didn’t want to go Back.
This was 8 years ago and I decided to buy some 0W20 synthetic oil for my then new car. They did not have any! I wound up buying some coffee that I like in a larger size but with a higher unit price than our supermarkets. Then I went to the service desk and told them I did not want my membership and they gave me my money back.

I do use Walmart but in limited ways. Their prices on some things cannot be beat, so I order those things and pay for them online and have tem shipped to my house or have them shipped to the store ( things they have in stock will just be bagged or boxed and sent to the pickup area just inside the door)

I buy Diabetic test strips, cheaper there than with my healthinsurance, sugar free cookies, Smuckers sugar free jams, all natural peanut butter,
and motor oil that way but if I want to add sugar free Ice cream I have to go to a different Wall Mart because even their corporate office knows that the dunderheads that work at the one closest to me could not habdle frozen grocery pickup.

Walmart’ prices and quality are quirkey. Best prices on oil, their filters cost more than at my Toyota dealer that is just around the corner.

The 5 qt jugs are fine with me, my car call for 4.7 but it take 5 to get it to the full mark and we can set motor oil at the curb in the original jug on garbage day for recycling. I imagine they would take it in a 6 qt box too.

The annual rebates that I receive from Costco are at least twice their annual membership fees.


Well the 5% rewards I get back for shopping at Walmart online are a lot more that my $0 membership fee too.

The quality of food at Aldi is better than Costco. Aldi costs are competitive with anyone, and there is no club fee.

Our Costco had refrig cases of 100’s of 100$ prime rib roasts at Xmas. Never seen so many 114$ hunks of meat.

I shop at both places, and I have favorites at each one. Nobody can match the quality–and the price–of the German-made chocolate bars at ALDI. I also like the quality and the price of Italian-made Pesto at ALDI, as well as their Belgian organic fruit preserves.

For meats, cheeses, EVOO, and Balsamic Vinegar, the quality is far, far better at Costco.

Check out the boxed pizza at Aldi. It’s not as good as your favorite local restaurant pizzas, but at about $5, it can’t be beat. It has thin crust for you NY pizza fans. I remember that you’re a discriminating pizza eater. Also, several of the Benton’s cookies are dead ringers for Girl Scout cookies at about a quarter the price.

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