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WHY so heavy on the RED flags

so you guys ,just sit in WAIT for the proper answer,then when it feels correct you decide to answer,after real answers have been laid out there.brush up on technology,and you wont have to cruise on everbodys answer,whether you like it or not.


Guilty as charged. Off to the Bastille with me.

No, no… we’ll just take a finger first. Please provide some information. I just love gossip! What got whacked?

BTW, I red flag gratuitous cursing.

If your cryptic message is in regards to people red flagging yourself, then I to am guilty when, just like jtsanders, there is needless cursing but also when a poster is mean spirited and condescending. I am sure YOU remember posters by names of maaco and vwfueldoor. Several posters red flagged those 2 and for the previously mentioned reasons.


Read your post. Does it make sense? Is it punctuated correctly?

What red flags are you talking about? I’ve never red flagged anyone.

There are times when METOO2? is genteel and lucid.

The way I read this post is that MET002 thinks that people sit around, wait for his correct answer to appear, and then attach themselves to it.

He’s dead wrong of course and after reading a dozen of his posts I just pretty much ignore them. And I don’t flag his posts either because I just flat don’t care.

And I just flat don’t understand them much of the time.

Make sense? Oh, is that a requirement?

I am guilty of flagging some posts. I try to limit my flagging to posts that contribute nothing to the conversation. Of course a post only gets deleted if more than one person flags it, so I alone am not to blame.

MET002, if you could try to spell and punctuate your sentences, it might be easier to identify your contribution to the conversation. Nobody expects you to write like an English major, but maybe if you could improve slightly, it could help.

I am new to these discussions, and therefore I am not familiar with theindividuals that post here regularly, but I agree with these comments. This is not a mechanics bulletin board for mechanics- this seems to be full of average consumers with a range of car talk questions and answers. ALL CAP replies loaded with irony, innuendo or insider lingo/humor are probably not going to help an average person understand what is going on with their car and there fore might not be very useful but I’ve never thrown a red flag.

My interpretation of METOO2’s post is essentially the same as ok4450’s interpretation. As usual, METOO2 has managed to be simultaneously semi-literate, obscure, and wrong. Cramming all of that uselessness into one post isn’t easy, but he usually manages to do it.

However, despite the inane nature of METOO2’s posts, I have never red-flagged any of them–for the same reason as ok4450. When I see a post with METOO2’s name on it, I usually just gloss over it, knowing that it will be…weird…at best.

I flagged two of his posts. Unfortunately when you see the list of threads you dont know who actually has posted in it until you opened it. It looks like they removed his posts. The ones I flagged he was calling the poster part of the male anatomy amongst other things which were totally inappropriate. Since I had wasted the time opening the thread and seeing his useless posts, I made it worth my while and red flagged him.


Yes, MEETOO2?, you shouldn’t use bad words. That’s not nice. And some people who post here may think that there are a lot of not-nice people, here. So, be nice for niceness sake!

I wonder why he hasn’t posted back. Oh, never mind, he probably sobered up and forgot about his little tirade.


Transman, that hatchet job post (now removed) he did on you was pretty low.

I know, I should have offered him a job. Let him show me how its done…


After all, it’s so simple… :slight_smile:

I did not even realize the red flag had a purpose, thanks :wink:

Never noticed the red flag till this post. Can’t wait to use it.