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Removed by me because I can

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Heh heh. I don’t know what this is about but I got a message too that I was flagged. Never said what it was that was flagged or why. Maybe it’s the new sop or something.

After I finally could open the link, it was because I told Yoshi to stay on ToyotaNation with the children and leave the adults alone. Damn snowflakes.

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I remember that post, how did that get flagged but a lot of the other ones from other members not get flagged, I guess it is who you know… :man_shrugging:

Fortunately there are a few members from here that post on ToyotaNation or there would not be any logical adults there .

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Agreed. I just got banned for telling some one who wants to put a SBC or possibly a V10 in a Camry to “Keep Dreaming”

Post something negative and derogatory and you’ll get flagged. If you state your disagreement in a less confrontational way it will probably stand. Or you could PM the guy and probably get away with it. At least he will see it before he has your post deleted.


Funny thing is a SBC or LS will fit in a Camry IF converting to RWD… I think a V10 is pushing it though… lol

Seen a few 1st gen Neon’s with street legal V8 swaps and RWD conversions… LS swapped Subarus…
Nothing new…

As. I recall Ford offered a RWD conversion kit for a Focus, around $100,000.

That’s part of what I said, although I told him a V10 never, ever. :sweat_smile:

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Never say never ever, he who have plasma cutter and good welder can make engine fit, but he be sitting in back seat to drive. :rofl:


Naaah, just put the engine in the back seat. :blush:


My observation about this is that favoritism plays a big role on this platform ( not by mods but by some of the members).

Comments aimed at insulting me on my posts are frequently thumbed up by certain members, then I see those same members complained about being flagged.

I enjoy the platform when everyone is just being helpful and courteous.

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It’s interesting when someone makes a very derogatory comment but it generates 4 or 5 likes. Likes are hidden so you never know who agreed with the nasty comment. I guess you just have to expect it. Over the years a number of folks have been driven out.

You can know who likes the derogatory comments by clicking or touching the number of the likes.


Yup, I figured that out when I 1st started, mainly because I went to like something and clicked on the number (of likes) and it popped up… +1 for the trembling hand(s) of a Neurological disease challenged guy… :laughing:

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?? When I click on the number to the side of the thumb-up, I’m able to see that Clueless liked DMP’s post, immediately above this post. The confusing part about flagged & removed posts for me is that I get an alert indicating one of my posts has been removed, but when I click on that alert it provides no information at all, so I don’t know the reason or even know which post was removed. I recently discovered if I click on the alert multiple times, sometimes the post’s thread ID and the reason will be displayed. Generally the reason is that my post was “off-topic”, and it probably was, b/c I was replying to another post which was also off-topic … lol …

Yeah I guess that works. Punching somewhere around there they show up at the bottom.