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Come on people

Stop flagging my posts. You just flagged my rebuild thread. Stop being a little girl and if you have a problem with me you need to tell me right here. I could care less about somebody getting a giggle by flagging everything i write, but its starting to get ridiculous.

vdc driver, i have a feeling its you.

Have you given any thought to why they might be being flagged?

I guess I don’t pay enough attn - now I want to see the flagged posts as I figure I’m missing all of the fireworks.

Yeah, what are you talking about? I’m obviously missing something here.

Yeah, enquiring minds want to know.

I have to say that I’ve had a number of my posts censored for absoutely no valid reason that I can ascertain. I do think the censirs here have gone overboard recently. I’ve found that I need to be very careful not to use what should in their context be very inert words and phrases.

Have others here noticed the censors getting overly enthusiastic?

what was the title of it? i found your ‘what do you think’ thread, anything else?

the only thing i can think of is you aren’t asking questions, or making much written additions, to benefit others. while it IS nice to see you making progress on the mechanical repair issues (and evidently you ARE doing a good job, or they wouldn’t run!) without written comments, and descriptions it is pretty hard vague to figure out what is going on.

or maybe someone has a hair across their @#% and is grumpy today.

It wouldn’t be me for sure. The only posts I’ve ever flagged were the ones from a certain poster in the past who was giving out some very bad A/C advice. My reason for flagging those posts was not just an effort to prevent someone from damaging their car but most importantly; to prevent someone from damaging themselves.

Of course the network people aren’t saying anything. If they don’t, we may never learn who the mad flagger is. Anybody can do it. Mine would get flagged all the time if I tried to be serious.

i was actually surprised i didnt get flagged yesterday on the ‘cathode’ post. sometimes we are just TOO sensitive!

No it was me I don’t like what your pictures do to my screen. No connection to auto repair.

I am not nearly the volume poster that others are and haven’t been posting regularly for all that long. But I too have gotten flagged a couple of times for purely mysterious reasons. Of a couple of flagged posts, I’ve had others that would have deserved it more. And I’ve seen many many posts more deserving of flags than the few I’ve had.

So, I also think there are serious problems in the way the censorship gets done. (I have never flagged anything either).

I had two response deleted to nosubstance where I questioned his credentials and act of usurping the OP of that post, on Feb. 10. I suggested he start his own post for his own maximum benefit.