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Who else was busted?

Have I insulted someone? Bad mouthed a sponsor? Used one of George Carlins special words? What gives here?

What are you referring to ? A removed post or a personal message like DB received.

Whatever happened, this isn’t the place to sort it out. Send a private message to @cdaquila.

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Well you’re basically a jackass. But what are you talking about again? I kid, I kid.

I was busted for saying "breakfast @db4690 s house.


Well why didn’t they say so @Scrapyard_John? Thanks for the heads up.

And I didn’t see any mention of @cdaquila in the notice @Whitey. Did my OP offend you?

The guy is a buthole to put it nicely.

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I won’t get into it too much more because it’s getting us away from what we are supposed to be talking about, but when someone flags your post, you get a notification about it. It’s separate from the moderator review of the flag. I will review the flags shortly.

No, man. I was kidding. I don’t know what y’all are talking about. I didn’t see the flagged post, or whatever.

All’s well here @Scrapyard_John, let’s have fun here folks. Who got their skivvies in a wad is my question.

It was jbrennan90.

The guy that was trying to argue that paying mechanics based on flat rate is a violation of the Sherman anti-trust act.

You were not alone, just glad the fun police never flagged the car talk show. Now back to spam!

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I already did that

I might add that I never did say who it was that sent me those “colourful” private messages

While turning wrenches at a dealership is admittedly a cut-throat business, I’m not sure I’d say the employers are acting in an illegal manner.

I will say some positive things about the dealer system. I learned a lot of automotive skills, and I learned what and what not to do

Now that you bring up spam. The Hormel plant in Austin, MN was giving away souvenir cans to veterans in remembrance of WWII. They were empty Spam cans though-just for show I guess. Who needs more stuff to dust?

Yeah it’s a little upsetting to get flagged and some are pretty sensitive and believe it is their job and right to flag folks they disagree with. I just thing they should man up and say something instead of the back stabbing. Seems to me, some years ago, the flags were not anonymous. But yeah who cares? They have to live with themselves.

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After GM shut me down, I learned I never wanted to be a dealer again.

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If you have to worry about 15 min of fame for getting flagged, I would suggest you disconnect your network connection, Not that I did not alert the admin, not that I did not feel someone has a bug up their ass, and has no concept of how the raidio show fell off tangent as part of the joy of listening to it. We have been allowed leeway, and warned if too off tangent, sure I can understand it, but in the spirit of the radio show let everyone have a little fun every now and then.

I don’t think bing blamed you.

On that note…How about we just let this discussion go? The guy was banned, and we will follow up on flags as they come in. The weekend is upon us.