Why no green cars?

My two cents: there are nice shades of green (Shades of Green, BTW is the military hotel at Disney World) and horrible shades.
Camaro had a brilliant emerald green I liked, my Mustang “Legend Lime”, and of course the dark forest green used on Bullet Mustangs, my 70 Cutlass Supreme had a similar shade.
I dislike the pastel greens.
The Sage Green used on the 56 T-Birds was referred to as can’t sell green.

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Then there was my 1975 orange Honda Citrus.

I hate green cars. Most of my friends got hand-me-down cars (lots of station wagons!) when they learned to drive. Because of the era, most of them were either green or the the feces brown that was also popular. Most of my friends joined me in hating green, too.

BRG ( British Racing Green ) looks just fine on a MGB .


$0. I just want Mallwart to recognize them.

I see a lot of reds, in many different shades.

All the nori I’ve eaten has been black.

I took a walk yesterday, a couple of hours, including 2 miles parallel to I-25 at rush hour. I saw hundreds of cars. I saw 4 green cars, 2 yellow cars (one of those an old VW Beetle with a tarp over its back half - possibly immobile) and 1 orange car. I saw a few blue cars - not as many as I expected.

All Jeeps used to be olive drab.

Orange was certainly the loser in my recent count.

Khaki is green?

Avocado had a fad in the '70s, was it?, especially for kitchen appliances. It must have bled over into cars. It always reminded me of vomit.

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I think so. My inlaws built their house around that time I think, sold it with avacodo fridge and orange counter tops. The wahser and dryer was avacado also

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Home appliances used to come in many colors. Now, all you can find is white, black, stainless, or black-and-stainless.

Toilets, bathtubs, sinks and tile used to come in many colors too. I have been in houses with color-coordinated bathrooms, where the sink, toilet, bathtub, floor tile, and wall tile were all the same color, such as light yellow, light blue, or light pink. Now, the only choice for toilets, sinks, and bathtubs is white.

Cars used to come in many pretty colors too. Now, it seems that black, white, silver, champagne, and perhaps some shade of red or maroon are all that’s available. I remember the light blue metallic of my 1991 Tercel, the Super Red which Toyota offered at the time, the bright red of my first 1995 Caravan, the maroon of my second 1995 Caravan, and so on. When the Dodge Spirit was common, those were often seen in light blue and emerald green metallic.

I think that renegade color was the Mohavi sand or something close. Looks a lot better in the picture.

Yeah our apartment in 1972 had avocado appliances. In 1976 when we built, we got gold appliances. The dishwasher we bought had multi panels to change colors. Then we switched to white, then black stainless. My mom bought copper color appliances in 1965. Heh heh, every time we change, ask if we are done now. I pushed for black stainless ahead of the curve because I sensed stainless was heading out. I don’t know what’s next. Maybe red or orange. Cringe.

Have you considered the possibility that your Nori had rotted?

This image of what Nori typically looks like tells me that Lexus has reproduced the color of that type of seaweed pretty accurately:

Mom’s first carr was a 1970 Datsun.510 wagoin in this color that she bought new, we could have had the 78 Rabbit in green but my folks ordered a light brown and settled for the darker brown when someone further up the waiting list pased on it. Big fan of green cars in genral but it depends on the shade of green. Still miss some of those 90’s colors.

I was in the business, had nori fresh from the vendor.

I saw a young woman in pink tights, which made me realize I haven’t seen a pink car in forever. Angelyne has a pink Corvette: Angelyne’s Real Identity Is Finally Solved – The Hollywood Reporter

Or on a Jag.

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The BRG Mazda MX5 with the Tan interior is a good combination, one of those vehicles i wouldn’t mind owning.