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Do you have cars that are the same color?

Would you buy a second or third car that is the same color as your main car? Why or why not?

Yes. White Is The Best Color. That’s What I Buy For Everyday Use.

However, some colors are better Sports Car colors. In our family fleet we have 3 white, 1 red, 1 teal, 1 green, and 1 silver car.

I’m partial to dark red/burgundy. Both my Caprice and Blazer are dark red metallic.

Ed B.

Yes, I would buy a car the same color as either of the cars I currently own. I currently have a silver car and a beige car, and I prefer the lighter colors. Since I buy used, however, color is not the primary consideration, and I would consider other colors if everything else were acceptable.

I have owned blue cars, red cars, brown cars, pale yellow cars, white cars, tan cars, and green cars.

The only colors that are deal-breakers for me are the really dark colors, such as black or dark blue. Vehicles painted these colors just get too hot when parked outside in the sun, and I won’t buy cars in these colors. I think cars LOOK nice in dark colors, I just don’t want to own them in these colors.

Both our cars were purchased brand new with high rebates ($1500) and invoice at the end of the year. So we did not have much choice on color and ended up with silver.

I personally don’t like having the same color as my wife’s car.

Andrew, Nice Photo. I’m Just Curious. Could You Explain A Couple Of Things, Here?

[list] “I personally don’t like having the same color as my wife’s car.” [/list]

[list]Is that a Jackalope on your license plate?[/list]

[list]Are you in some kind of a “witness protection program”? (I see the plates have been blacked-out.)[/list]


I like white cars. The paint doesn’t don’t get sun damaged, they are highly visible to other cars without looking ‘flashy’, scuffs in the paint can be buffed out, and they don’t show minor imperfections like door dings and marks from paintless dent repair.

My wife likes bright red cars.

I like stick shifts, my wife likes automatics.

I just realized after 29 years of marriage - we may be incompatible!

At this point, we have two white cars with 5 speeds and two red cars with automatics.

Smart kids though. When it came time to hand-down two ‘identical’ '97 BMWs to the kids, both daughters wanted the white one with a stick. We had to flip a coin.

Afterthought - more important than same color - if you are a do-it-yourselfer, and you find a good car make/model, buy two mechanically/electrically identical cars. Diagnosis of electrical problems is SO much easier when you have a known good donor part sitting next to you in the garage. We had two identical Volvos (sedan and wagon) and now the kids have our two identical '97 BMWs. Next car will be a wagon that makes a matched pair with the wife’s newer BMW sedan.

My tastes vary, so I like a lot of different colors…I will NEVER buy a WHITE OR BLACK vehicle…IMPOSSIBLE to keep clean (or at least looking clean). Right now we have two maroons and one blue vehicle. I’ve owned Beige, Green, RED (and I mean REEEDDDDD), Blue, Grey. My main concern is getting the vehicle I want with the features I want. Color is secondary.

I have never purchased a new car. Color is secondary but I would not want a black car (too hot in the summer and shows dirt immediately) or a pink car (not my taste). At the moment two of my cars are white (Mercedes 300 E and 380SL), one is hunter green (Chrysler Town & Country minivan) and 2 are very different shades of blue (1949 and 1962 Cadillacs). In the past I had a Yellow Lincoln Mark V and a silver Mazda RX-7. I don’t mind at all having 2 cars that are the same color. Oh, two other colors I can do without: primer gray or primer red.

2003 Mustang GT = silver
1995 Bronco = Maroon and black
1974 TR6 = French blue

so no, none of my cars are even remotely close to the same color.

I have three trucks and was quite peeved when I couldn’t order my 06 hybrid Escape black exterior with red interior. My 79 chevy c10 pickup was bought blue then changed to the family favorite black outside and the upholstery custom re-done in red. The 92 explorer is black ext/red int.
Most people ( human nature )have prefered favorites and tend to stick with them when they can.

I will answer the middle question: Moose

The blackout was done by a friend for whatever reason.

I only buy used, and generally 5+ years old. My current Ranger is a somewhat strange color; Ford code SV Metallic Jalapeno Green. I didn’t like it so much at first, but it grew on me.

White is not the best for visibility because when it is foggy, it the worst.

Sure. We’ve got two black ones and a red one. The red one is nearing replacement time and I’d consider a third black one. Just depends what looks good on a particular car. Our neighbor has got four black ones.

I always buy used. So unless a really odd color, I buy anything that is a good deal in good condition. I won’t drive a pink car though. I have had white, blue, metallic gray and hunter green. My has wanted a burgundy car all her life so on the last purchase I went out of my way to find her one, it is still used. It has been the most pricey used car so far.

I Buy White Mostly Because They Are So Easy To Keep Clean.

I know it is counter-intuitve, but our white cars always look cleaner than the green, teal, and red ones. Silver comes in a closer second. I agree that black is terrible in this regard. Maybe it depends on the color of dirt in your locale. I also agree that color is secondary, but I’ve really grown to like white for the reason mentioned.

For the light dirt I’ll agree…a light color car is easy to keep clean. But when it gets real dirty it’s much harder to keep looking clean. As paint fades and paint imperfections appear (after time all paint will do that)…it shows up far more prominent on white cars then any other color.

I was helping a girlfriend find a car a couple years ago. I asked her what she was looking for and she said “a red one”.