Why no green cars?

Mallwart doesn’t let me bring my panniers in anymore so I order online and pick up. I have to wait in a parking space and check in. The app asks for the color of my car. My bicycle is green, but green isn’t one of the choices. I’ve been looking and see few green cars.

Ummmm…because they’re ugly?

We have green cars, how much are interested in spending?


The same could be asked about many colors. Take away white, black, and 5 shades of silver and that parking lot would be almost empty.


There are a number of interesting Mustang colors:
2023 Ford Mustang Colors, Ranked (jalopnik.com)

In comparison, a blue and a green are the only ‘colors’ for the Audi Q5:

The winter was a good time to give my bike a new paint job. Red to green then to Honduras maroon. Just brown though people with diminished color ability see green as brown anyway.

Lexus offers an interesting shade of green, called Nori, on some of their vehicles.

I had narrowed-down my color choice to either Atomic Silver or Nori Green, and when one in that shade of silver arrived at the dealership with my choice of options, I grabbed it. Nori was my second choice, but I see very few in that color on the roads.


That’s an interesting (and attractive) shade of green

I have seen some limeish green cars, my daughter has one, a soul. Remember a bud doing used car sales and him saying harder to sell than a green car!

I agree, but based on how few I see on the roads, I think that we’re in the minority.

That Lexus color made the cover of the latest CR:

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Few years ago I rented one of those little jeeps, whatever they were called, like the styling but the rest was a problem. At a cafe a guy showed up with one and I asked how he liked it etc. I don’t recall the name of the color but it was some sort of a greenish brown reminding me of changing the kids diaper. It was truly almost the worse color I had ever seen. In defence though, with a few cans of spray paint, it would have been easy to use for duck hunting.

Companies have color and style experts that take colors seriously. Obviously all laid off at Jeep.

It was probably a Renegade, which is built in Italy, and is essentially the same as the Fiat 500X

I think the name for that color is Baby “Shyt” Green.


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Tom and Ray engaged in some humorous discussion on a recent podcast about Tom’s first car. Couldn’t get total agreement on remembering the model and model year, early 50’s Dodge apparently; but both remembered it was very ugly and very green. Worse than military green. The upside according to Tom, its price was cheap enough to put up with the downsides.

Light Khaki?


Yeah that was it. No power and you couldn’t get two suitcases in the back. A few inches more would have done it as the Italians say.

CR said:

looks enticingly cute, but is bogged down by a 9 speed automatic that’s neither smooth nor responsive… Handling is uninspiring and the ride is unremarkable… Excessive vibrations while the engine is idling, and a too-touchy brake pedal also mar the driving experience.

Does that sum-up your experience with that “Jeep”?

Yup, pretty much from what I remember and luggage space. I though if I could only change the whole power train, it would be ok.

Isn’t that the automotive equivalent of… Other than that “incident” at the theater, did you enjoy tonight’s performance, Mrs. Lincoln?