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If You Ever Get Tired Of The Color Of Your Car?


That paint job undoubtedly would cost several times what my vehicle cost me.

I have a similar option on my 1999 Dodge Durango. It changes from black to sort of dirty gray if I don’t wash it periodically. Sorry, those are the only two colors, but it’s a start.

Officer one: follow that red car doing about 90. Officer two: No red car around here but there is a green one. Officer one: Never mind. Where did he go?

The wife says though if dealers want to market to females, they need to arrange their cars by color not model. So this kinda resolves that.

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My gf wanted to go to the local hardware store, and asked if I wanted to come along. “Hardware store?”. "Sure " I say, of course. On the way she tells me she wants to get some small spring clips, spring clamps if you will . When the staff guy asks her what she’s looking for, she says “the box with 5 pretty-colored clips”. I have no idea what she’s talking about, but the staff guy apparently knows this is an item women come for, and points right to it. Sure enough, a box with a clear plastic window show 5 small spring clamps. All in different vivid colors.

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I smell a computer aided special effect.

it is. Look at background objects and you can see them slightly change color also.

I’ve seen a car change color similar to that. Different make/model of car, but it definitely changed its color. I didn’t particularly like either of the colors it offered though.

You saw a car that changed color when you pushed a button? There are paints that change color based on the angle you view it at.

I didn’t push a button. I was driving my car, and it was a different car on the road. It changed color, but I have no idea why. It was moving w/respect to me so maybe the color change was caused by the angle change, don’t know. I have to say if it was actually painted with a special paint to change colors like that, the effect was pretty ugly.

Here’s a Snopes article on the “paramagnetic” paint.

It may be a real technology that has been worked on, but nobody is using it. Yet.

What is this magic talent you have that allows you to have seen almost every subject discussed here ?

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Different streetlights can make a big diff in apparent color of the car. I remember that effect on a bicycle when I was a kid.

I’ve never gotten tired of my dark green 1999 Honda - it still looks real good to me. But the color of some of the interior plastics took me a while to accept - sort of a budget brand old prosthesis color. I needed some support from my mom before I could commit to that car because of that color! She said “It’s a perfectly neutral color. It’ll be fine.” She was right.