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New 5-Series BMW Exterior Color

What do you guys think of BMW’s Tasman green versus the jet black or black sapphire as an exterior color. I would have the car for years.

This green is better than black any day

I’m more of a fan of their blue, myself.

Color choice is a very individual issue.
I would no sooner allow others to decide the color of my car than I would let them choose what I eat for dinner.

Just buy what you think looks good.
Why would you care about anyone else’s opinion regarding the color of your car?

I think Bimmers look best in black or silver personally, but I haven’t seen the green in person.

Get what appeals to you, since you’re the one that’ll have to live with it for years.

But out of consideration to others, maybe not an eye-bleeding chartreuse. I doubt BMW offers a car this color, but there was a Neon in my town that was the exact color of a highlighter pen. You actually had to look away from it on a sunny day.

How could it possibly matter what we think of your color choice? It’s going to be YOUR car. Buy whatever color you like and don’t worry about what others think.

Personally, I’d take any color other than black. Black looks really good on some cars, including BMWs, but black is very difficult to keep clean, and it soaks up heat like crazy. Park a black car in the sun and the interior temperature skyrockets.

Black leather interior? Not me.

Same goes for dark blue, dark green, dark red, etc. I prefer a lighter color car.

Order your BMW in “haill me” yellow. Put the light on the top. You may be able to make enough using the BMW as a taxi to defray some of the maintenance costs.