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Why is my email address suddenly exposed?

ahem I have not been on this site in months but I just checked my one of two posts. It seems my username has been replaced by my email address. Seems like an error. I’d send this to a mod but I’m not sure there’s a PM feature on this site.

I don’t see an email address in place of your user name on this page. Have you tried editing your profile? Have you considered that what you see on your profile page might not be what other people see when looking at your profile page?

Just because my name doesn’t end in or something doesn’t mean it isn’t my email address. Can we please get this fixed?

You seem to be finding a problem where there is none. Unless someone wants to put every different @blank email site they can think of behind your goofy screen name I think you are safe from contact.

Go to the preference page and set everything to " no contact ".

Without the @whatever.whatever, it’s not an email address.

Welcome to the Internet. I’ll be your guide. :wink:

Fix it. I don’t care if the provider isn’t obvious. Its still my email and I’d rather NOT get hacked. Its not hard to try every combination of email providers. Why are you singling me out? Everyone else gets to use their username but not me?

Fix it? Who do you think I am, your employee? I have a couple suggestions for you to fix it, but you’re being rude.

@cdaquila Hey Carolyn, hope you are enjoying a 3 day weekend. If you want this person has a problem you might solve.

@Whitey I’m being rude? You guys refuse to believe me or do anything about this and IMO you are the ones being rude.

I’ve received no notification saying my email address would be used as my username. It was purely by accident that I even discovered this.

This is the “site feedback” section. I don’t know who I’m supposed to contact but you guys are not helpful.

First, it’s not an email address. Second, if you ask politely, I will try to help you. I’m a member of this forum, not a moderator, so if you want to continue bickering, I’m happy to let you simmer.

Relax, I just notified our esteemed and highly competent Moderator. It may take some time to solve this. Besides no one would have known about your email if you had not mentioned it.

She usually doesn’t work weekends, so I wouldn’t expect a response until Tuesday.

In the interest of taking the high road, my suggestions are to edit your profile or delete your comments and delete your account.

Hi, I guess I might not be doing such a great job if it isn’t known, but I do check the site on weekends - not as often. I think I fixed your issue now, and in the future feel free to PM me. Glad you’re back, and please do continue to post. This is a known quirk of the new software, and unfortunately we don’t have a fix yet except when I manually change names.


Thank you!! :slight_smile: