Why is ford explorer the worst SUV ever


I have a 1999 Ford explorer which has only 60K . It has only gave me problems .

I believe ford explorer is the worst car ever made .


care to list those “problems”?


I thought the Exploder was ok. Mine was a 94 2wd that I drove for 6 years and 105K miles. All it ever needed was tires, batteries and the other ordinary wearout items. It got about 24 mpg and would cruise at about 70 all day long on a 4 litre pushrod engine. Ejxcept for one broken doorhandle it was trouble free.


This is your second whine of the day on the same subject. You were asked the first go-around exactly what problems you had to make you feel this way. It would also help knowing if you bought this vehicle new or used.

Care to answer any questions on this post or your original one? If not, my guess is that you don’t have a legitimate beef at all and are just carping.