1996 Ford Explorer with issues, time to part ways?

My 1996 Explorer needed a new fuel pump in January, in February 4 new fuel sensors and today it shut down completely while I was driving it (electrical?) so I had it towed to my repair shop. The repairs so far feel like normal maintenance but they were expensive! Is it time to pull the plug? My dilemma is how to decide when to stop putting money into it. Any ideas?

I believe I would part with the vehicle if the cost to repair is as much as the value of the vehicle. Congratulations on your Explorer surviving the Firestone debacle though. That’s a major accomplishment considering how bad the tires were.

It’s a personal decision. We each have to weigh the factors involved and decide whether to keep an older vehicle or move on to something.

From a strictly financial perspective, it’s almost always less expensive to repair than to replace. This assumes the vehicle is structurally sound. If it’s a rust bucket I’d let it go.

Good advice, I’ll check the value of my car. Today a friend asked me what I would spend to repair the most recent problem. I don’t know what’s wrong with it but the repair shop will look at it tomorrow. Well, I’d spend less than $1000 because so far this year I’ve spent $3000 on the car and another $2000 would bring me to the range of the car I could afrford!

The problem this time was the alternator so I replaced it but I’m going to look into a different car. I’d like to replace the Explorer before it is undriveable because I can’t afford to fix it. I’m looking at 2000 or 2001 suburu foresters.