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Longevity with Ford Explorer

I have a 2001 Ford Explorer, Eddie Bauer edition, with 227,000 miles on it. It continues to work very well requiring few repairs having receiving scheduled maintenance at the dealership. I have 3 questions. What can I do to assure it will continue running as long as possible?Should I run it until it dies or has some hugely expensive needed repair? I want my next vehicle to provide high mpg, be a hybrid and still have SUV capabilities- what would you recommend?

Thank you.

Continue with the scheduled maintenance…although using the dealer may be a waste of $$. A good independent can do the same work, often for far less.

At that mileage, you’re doing well now, so drive it into the ground. You’re making money right now (or putting it into a bank account?). :slight_smile:

There may be more out by the time that Exploder dies on you, but consider a smaller SUV, or one of the crossover vehicles, like a Toyota Highlander hybrid or similar.

On your maintenance, be sure and keep up with the rest of the vehicle, too. Things like rear differentials, front diff’s and xfer cases (if 4x4), and tranny’s get overlooked.

Keep on trucking!

Sure, keep using it until something major (likely transmission) goes. Just keep up the maintenance at the same level as always. Some folks tend to neglect older cars, hastening their failure.

As for a new vehicle, what are your needs as far as ‘SUV capabilities’? Larger hybrid SUVs (Toyota Highlander, for example) do OK on mpgs, but not what I’d call ‘high mpg’. Smaller ones (Ford Escape) are pretty good, but don’t have much load capacity.

Thanks much for the suggestions. I don’t recall hearing recommendations about rear differentials, etc. I’ll check into that.
I like the appearance of the Toyota Highlander but of course want it to have the mileage of the Prius. Ha! Not yet. A Prius which has the carrying capacity of an SUV - that would fit the bill.


Thanks for the reply. I’ll check into some of the more esoteric repairs which rarely receive mention to keep it running as long as possible.
The Ford Escape seems a bit too small but the Toyota Highlander offers possibilities. It’s time to start shopping so when my trusty Explorer gasps its last breath I’m prepared.
Thanks again.

More efficient “SUV” options: Toyota Highlander Hybrid, GMC Terrain, Chevy Equinox, New Ford Explorer (with the ecoboost :wink: if you wanna stick with them)…just keep doing your basic filters, fluids, brakes, tires (alignment, rotation, balancing, etc.) and such and have them check common or expensive issues like the transmission, heat shields, exhaust system, transfer case (if 4X4), axles, joints, etc. No problem if you run it right into the ground, it just keeps allowing you to save up money and it’d be a tough sell with those miles.

Fellow Explorer Owner,

If you want to save money…keep the vehicle you have and run it into the ground.

As for an SUV with good gas mileage…Nothing that size gets decent gas mileage. You’ll have to go smaller and then maybe a Hybrid.

I would just keep driving. If it breaks down suddenly, just find an inexpensive rental vehicle while you look and take your time.

You potentially could get a few more years out of this Explorer.