Ford Explorer is a juck


Ford explorer is the reason why people do not purchase american cars anymore. People all around the world use to purchase american cars because they used to last for ever, but now cars like ford explorer has changed my mind and is a disgrace to the american auto production


And where is the question part?


That’s the “juck”, I guess.

Personally, I think that posts from those who are only semi-literate are best ignored–especially if they consist of pointless rants and no questions.

Keep in mind that the manufacturers are just responding to the market.  Like it or not, very few people keep a car for more than a few years before they trade it in on something newer and fancier.  They life their entire life with car payments. That is what sells cars and that is what it is about.  If the market started demanding cars that lasted longer, the manufacturer's would provide it.

Having said that, I have to point out that today's cars, even the Explorer are far better than you seem to think.  If you would go back and look at 1940, 1950, 1960 and 1970 cars and see how long the average one really lasted before it hit the junk yard and how much maintenance they required and how reliable they were and how dirty (enviroment) they were and how comfortable they were, I doubt if you would be complaining.


The Ford Explorer is the WORLD’S BEST SELLING SUV. Having said that; I agree with above poster that people buy what they want, without much thought as to its life time care and durability. Theoretically, the Explorer, based on the Ranger, and using proven components, should be reliable. When Lee Iaccocca was asked “What is a good car?” he replied “One that sells!”. Ford has a long history of sloppy design when it comes to details. The best Ford cars have always been the full size boats, such as the Crown Victoria, Marquis, Lincoln Town Car. As the size goes down, so does the quality, and safety. Don’t forget, the 1964/5 Mustang, the alltime successful new car, was a lousy, poorly engineered sex-on-wheels vehicle.


A lot of people who live around me own Explorers, like them a lot, and drive the devil out of them.
So other than complaining without posing a question, why not post a somewhat detailed list of the problems with your Explorer that cause you to think the way you do.
You DO own or have owned an Explorer I assume?

I’m just curious if your complaints are related to basic wear and tear stuff, problems suffered on a used car that was beaten to death by the previous owner, or if you have a legitimate beef.
If you have a legit beef then list the headaches you’ve had. If not,…


Why don’t you just buy a Honda or a Toyota?