White smoke from my tail pipes

i have a 2003 saab 9-3 and i had a internal turbo leak that was makeing white smoke come out i had it replacedon the 15th of dec its the 26th of dec and im still seeing white smoke bad when car is cold but when it warms up its light puffs, saab dealer found no oil consumpsion problems and head gaskit isnt blown any ideas wwhat it could be?

No matter what your inspection says, white smoke means some fluid is entering your combustion chambers. If the car is automatic have the dealer test the transmission oil cooler in the bottom of the radiator. Years ago I had Pontiac with the old style vacuum controlled automatic. If it puffed white smoke it always meant the diafragm in the controller was perforated, and transmission fluid was sucked into the engine. If your dealer is not smart enough to find the problem (and it apperars so) go to a knowledgeable independent mechanic. This stuff is not rocket science!