Exhaust smoke when cold

hey guys, i want you guys to tell me what might be wrong with my car or is it normal.
i did a cold start after the car has been sitting for a night, no smoke would come out of the exhaust pipe however, when i rev the car high (I know i shouldnt) there would be whitish- blue smoke coming out of the exhaust.
but when the car WARMS UP, no matter how much i rev the car, NO smoke would come out.
I did another test when the car was cold again but only after it has been sitting for 3-4 hours but no smoke would come out.

in conclusion, only smoke comes out when revved cold. NO smoke when idle (cold) and when warmed up.
Is it just condensation? or is it my head gasket?


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Agree condensation. But… it could also be a touch of oil burning as well. As the engine warms up the pistons and rings expand a bit to form a better seal. You may be seeing a little oil getting past the rings when cold.

You don’t say what year or how many miles your Saab has but the newest 9-3 is what? 9 years old with maybe 100,000 miles or more? An older engine can easily do this.

Haha sorry. It is an older car. 06 saab 9-3 2.0t with 180k miles

Ok then, a little blue smoke at startup is not too bad with 180K miles. My wife’s Saab 9-5 doesn’t do that yet but it only has 108K.

But the thjng is, it doesnt smoke on start ups. Only when revved cold after it has been sitting for a night. Heres a picture of the smoke. Its the biggest one in the video.

Valve stem seals are probably a bit worn allowing oil to seep down overnight. Not worth the repair cost for an old car. As long as consumption isn’t outrageous (e.g. > 1 quart / 1,000 miles), keep the oil topped up and maintain as usual.