Whistling 2005 Odyssey

My 2005 Honda Odyssey has a loud whistling sound around the windshield. So loud it is sometimes hard to hear the radio. My Honda dealer seems puzzled by this and can’t seem to help the situation. Read some of your survey comments that others have had this problem. What has anyone been able to do about this short of driving around with painters tape around the windshield? Thanks.

Are you certain the air (whistling) noise is actually coming from the windshield and not another window or door weather stripping?

Perhaps the noise is from air passing through the windshield wiper. Custom wiper blades?

Maybe try the tape trick as a process of elimination.

I bought this 2005 Odyssey new from a dealer. I believe the wiper blades are the original factory installed. IN any event the excessive noise is coming from both the left and right sides of the vehicle. I placed tape around the entire windshield and then gradually removed sections of tape making notations as to the degree of noise. I found that by keeping tape on both the left and right sides of windshield and thereby covering the rather large space between the chrome molding and the black rubber molding I could greatly reduce - not eliminate - most of the noise. (the whistling disappeared altogether) I noticed that some Honda Odyssey’s have a much smaller gap between the chrome molding and rubber molding. Does anyone know if there was design change after the 2005 models? And is there a more attractive method of resolving this problem other than masking tape?

I suggest starting with a roll of duct tape. Start taping suspect areas. All around the windscreen; around the doors (you may need to have someone tape you in to test that one)

Engine air filter or lack of same? How about under the car?

In any case the first step is to find the actual source. Don’t assume it is from this or that, even if it seems to be coming from a specific area.

One additional hint. A length of garden hose can be used as a stethoscope.