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Whistling sound in dashboard

two months ago this air whistling tone started. only occurs between 40-45 mph. now happens every time I get to that speed. Windshield was replaced 18 months ago. I cannot be sure where the sound is coming from.

I would bet on a leak around the windshield. I once rented a car while on vacation and it was so noisy that I returned the car to the rental agency. They told me that the windshield had just been replaced and apparently the glass shop hadn’t sealed it properly. The rental agency apologized, upgraded me to a more expensive car for free and sent me on my way.

Use draft sealing tape made to winterize house windows to seal all the way around the windshield then drive the car, if that stops the noise go back to where the windshield was replaced, they may fix it for you free. If it doesn’t stop the noise ,repeat the process with the doors and trunk.

thank you. I think it is very possibe and will tape the edges as suggested in another email to see if I can stop this.