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Minivan or Airplane?

I have a 2003 Honda Odyssey with about 150,000 miles. Everything runs great, except for two things, one of which I care about enough to bother you guys(slow-closing automatic side door), the other is downright annoying, but doesn’t have any noticeable affect performance.

The van emits a loud whistling noise ONLY when I am driving AND am pushing on the accelerator. If I remove my foot from the accelerator, the whistling stops. I can’t reproduce the whistle while parked and it never happens while driving (even at high speed) if I am not accelerating.

The sound seems to be coming from the drivers side, inside the engine compartment, if that helps.

Thanks in advance.

You might be able to help the door by thoroughly cleaning and lubricating everything that moves or slide. Make sure you use the appropriate lube (not WD-40). As for the whistling, could be a cracked/loose vacuum hose or fitting or other part of the intake system.

Have you tried looking under the hood and revving the engine manually by turning the accelerator cable pulley?

vacume leaks are usually the worst durring high vacume, which is to say, at idle. but a bad bearing on the fan could cause this problem, because the fan should “break loose” durring high rpms, but be engaged at idle or low rpms. this when you accellerate, and increase engine rpms, if the fan does not break loose, it will make more noise. Just a wild ass guess though.