Noise in car at higher speed

I have a 2007 Toyota Corolla. I bought this car from a Toyota dealer in 2007. The car works fine but there is this very annoying whistling noise that comes up when ever I am driving above 60 MPH.

It appears to be coming from some where close to the windshield. When ever I use the wipers the whistling reduces for a min and then come s back again. Need less to say I have taken it to the dealer and he finds nothing wrong with it. I have tried every thin from tuning up the radio to using wipers every few min. It?s annoying to drive at 55 MPH in 70 MPH zone just because of the irritating noise. Can you please help.

I rented a car that had an annoying buzz around the windshield at highway speeds. Since we were on a pleasure trip, I took it back to the rental agency. They gave me an upgrade for free and apologized. When I returned the upgrade at the end of our vacation, I asked about the problem in the car that they had first rented to me. I was informed that the windshield had beeen replaced and hadn’t been sealed correctly. I would guess that the same may be true in your case.

I had the air whistling noise at speeds from about 30 to 60 mph in my Matrix.

Only mine came from the drivers door weather stripping.

I applied an emulsifier to soften the rubber and cured the noise. For how long I don’t know.

Ashukah, If You Think It’s Wind Noise You Could Try A Roll Of 2" Wide Masking Tape.

You will have to do a “controlled experiment”.

Start with just one possible whistle source lika a wiper arm, or wiper blade, or upper or lower windshield seal / trim, or side mirror, etcetera. Tape over it with the tape, sticking it down well and making the item more aerodynamic. Test drive, remove tape, cover something else, and test drive, etcetera.

Do only one part at a time. You don’t have to spend a lot of time on this all at once. This could go on for several days for convenience and to make the test drives part of necessary travel by car. I think you can eventually isolate the culprit.

When you find the part, then cover parts of the part until you find the exact spot! Then you can explain or demonstrate it to the dealer. I’ll bet the exact spot will somehow be obvious once you know where to look.


this should be a courtesy item taken care of by the dealer given the newness of the car and since present since you got it.

Ashuka Has Stated, " Need less to say I have taken it to the dealer and he finds nothing wrong with it." . . . “Can you please help.”

We are looking for a plan B.

Ashukah, If You Think It’s Wind Noise Here’s Another Thing You Could Try.

If you or a neighbor have a handheld gas or electric “leaf blower” (The quiter electric version is probably more desirable for this), have one person sit in the car listening while another person stands in front and makes a “wind tunnel” by blasting the car with the blower.

I have a 180 mph blower that is a bit noisy, but I think with it a distance from the front of the car and the other in the closed car, it might work. The blower might have to be angled around a bit to recreate the road wind. A third person can touch different parts on the car to block the wind and stop the whistling or you can use the tape method. Sometimes it’s not possible to recreate it this way, but worth a try.

Do you think the noise is definitely caused by wind?