Whining 2009 Dodge Caravan

Why does my dodge caravan make a whining noise every time I accelerate? (I’m looking for something more specific than because it’s an old piece of junk). It’s a 2009 with 205,000kms (about 120,000mi).

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Then you should be more specific in your description of the problem. Plus - miles on the van, when did it start whining, why it is a piece of junk, ect.

From what little you did describe, the van needs a new transmission. Or the transmision needs fluid. It could be a power steering pump or maybe it needs fluid. Big difference in repair costs. $6 vs $3600

+1 to @Mustangman, a whining noise could be a pump (water, power steering, transmission) . Check all your fluids.

You could remove the serpentine belt and feel for roughness or play in all the devices and pulleys it drives. That could be the noise source. You could drive it a short distance. If the symptom is still there, it’s likely drive train (engine, transmission, etc.) Removing the belt means you are not running the alternator, the power steering pump, the AC compressor, and most importantly the water pump. For that reason, only a short drive is OK, to avoid overheating.

I’d whine too if i were an 2009 Dodge Caravan… :smiley:

as Mustangman said- we’re gonna need more info.