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Which stations transmit CT late Sunday am?

Hi, I’m located in England and only discovered ‘Car Talk’ about 3 years ago. I used to listen to the shows being broadcast late Sunday mornings from a station in California, so I would be listening to them around 1900hrs UK time. It became something of a really enjoyable ritual, but then the station changed its schedule.

Can anyone tell me of any stations (probably West Coast) who still transmit the show late Sunday am ? I know I could listen to the podcasts, but somehow, it’s not the same :slight_smile:.


The only time I’ve heard them in the last couple of years is on Sirius satellite radio. I think the number of stations still carrying them is dwindling fast.

You are listening to reruns and if I remember correctly even the reruns will stop Sept. 2017. Many stations have already dropped the CarTalk reruns.

Yep, I realised, very sadly, that they are re-runs, but they are still good listening!

I’m in the San Francisco area, and there are no broadcasts of Car Talk here in the evenings. The only one I’m aware of is at 10 AM Saturday (morning, Pacific Time) on KQED, an NPR station. I presume OP knows that recent episodes of Car Talk can be downloaded gratis and listened to whenever you like using your MP3 player. That’s how I usually listen to the shows now being aired. My understanding is that new shows for downloading will continue to be posted even after the show goes off the air on many stations who currently broadcast it, scheduled for later this year.

Click on “Our Show” at the top of this page, you’ll see the link for the current episode download. Others broadcast before that one can be found from the main Car Talk page , then click podcasts, then click the link to the NPR podcast page for Car Talk.

Like I said in another thread tonight, I was surprised when I got in my car and Car Talk was on the station out of Minneapolis. I suppose it was about 8:00 and into the second half. I had no idea they were still being broadcast here except on Sirius.