Find a radio show

can any one help find a radio show to here cartalk on the radio in cleveland ohio?

I guess you are asking if CarTalk is broadcast in Cleveland . The show has been out of production for years and very few stations are running the reruns now. Why not go to your local Public service station web site and you will see what they have.

I doubt that it’s on there. You’ll probably just need to listen to the podcasts at this point.

WMFE 90.7 still runs cartalk Saturday morning and Sunday at noon.
You can download the app to listen in.

I listen to new-old shows (I think they piece together calls from old shows) via podcasting.

I still enjoy listening to the old shows, but they don’t really cover any topics relating to features on newer vehicles.

I wish KQED my local NPR stations would do that. Instead they run a boring – for Saturday morning listening anyway — political news program. I expect their ratings have gone down for those two hours. It’s not that big of a problem, I listen to the podcasts now instead. And even when it was aired I still listened the majority of the time by podcast. But I expect a lot of folks would like to turn on the radio on Saturday mornings and give a listen to Car Talk still. My advice to NPR stations: Continue to run Best of Car Talk until you’ve got something equal or better to replace it for weekend morning easy-listening.